Mental Health Appointments in Airlie Beach

Located in Airlie Beach, at Cannonvale Medical Centre we believe when it comes to mental health it’s all about starting a conversation. Poor mental health can have far-reaching effects, finding someone you can confide in is the first step to recovery.

We understand the link between mental health and physical health, which is why we place just as much importance on emotional well-being as we do on the physical well-being of our patients.

It’s common, but it’s commonly not spoken about

Statistics from the WHO (World health Organisation) show that nearly half (44%) of all Australians will suffer from some form of mental illness during their lifetime. Whilst it’s easy to see the effects our stressful lives are having on our health; mental health still remains a taboo subject in many circles.

If you recognise symptoms in yourself or a family member, or friend, it’s always best to consult with your local doctor. By starting the conversation and seeking some support it can make a big difference.

Symptoms can be obvious, or they can be subtle, some tell-tale signs are lack of appetite, lack of motivation, and sleeplessness. Even if you’re unsure, it’s always best to raise any concerns with your General Practitioner. Remember we are a bulk billing medical centre and are here to help you.

We offer support and advice for mental health and your overall well-being to help with:

  • Building Resilience
  • Coping Mechanisms
  • Physical Activity and Health
  • Recognising and Managing Stress
  • Sleep and Health
  • Referrals to Mental Health Specialists

Mental health doesn’t discriminate

Mental health doesn’t discriminate on age, race or gender, and we understand that no matter what your circumstances, that we all need some support at times. You can visit us with the assurance of complete confidentiality, no judgement, and respect to your privacy.

Mental health problems can be as debilitating as any physical illness. If you suspect that you or someone you care about may have any of the following issues, we can assist you or refer you to a Specialist in the areas of:

  • ADHD
  • Agoraphobia
  • Alcohol Related Harm or dependency
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Domestic and Family Violence
  • Eating Disorders
  • The Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  • Loss and Grief
  • Mental Health During Pregnancy and Early Parenthood
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Self-harm
  • Social Anxiety

Don’t suffer in silence, come to Cannonvale Medical Centre and have a confidential bulk billed chat; you don’t need to do it alone.

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