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Menopause Uterine Bleeding and Irregular Periods

Cannonvale Medical Centre | Bulk Billing Doctors Menopause

Has anyone ever described your uterus to you?

It is the size of your fist, is pear-shaped and made up of mostly muscle. Once menopause is reached, then your uterus begins to shrink and the endometrium which is the inner layer of tissue stops building up and stops shedding through your regular monthly cycle of Menstrual Periods.

Some women stop their monthly flow while others continue to have one. Each woman is different and can show symptoms of menopause quite varied compared to that of her friends.

Uterine bleeding should be considered as not normal

If you are paying particular attention to your general menstrual health and notice changes that are abnormal for you and your body, we are here to help you. A discussion with a Doctor or Women’s health specialist is necessary if you are worried about uterine bleeding during and after Menopause.

It may just be your period coming to it’s natural end or it may not. If are concerned, it pays to seek advice to be on the safe-side.

When you come to Cannonvale Medical Centre, then our medical practitioner and clinical team will be able to discuss with you whether what you are experiencing needs further referral and investigation by a Doctor who specialises in this area. Or it may be something that our General Practitioner (GP) can educate you on to manage yourself.

In some cases, abnormal bleeding sometimes suggests uterine cancer. To diagnose that as early as possible is extremely important.

When to be concerned enough that you need to make an appointment with us:

  • Some of your periods are lasting longer than usual
  • Some of your periods are shorter than the normal monthly cycle
  • After sexual activity, you experience bleeding
  • Heavy monthly period – soaking a pad every hour for more than a day
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Bleeding outside the normal pattern when on medication for control

We realise, some of the above sounds scary but you are best to come in to see us and discuss your concerns. One of the reasons we offer a bulk billing service is so that you do not have to suffer and can have your health assessed without the stress of having being out of pocket.

Menstrual Changes and Menopause

Finding out if your ovaries are still producing eggs will be part of these examinations, investigations and discussions. From there you can make decisions on navigating your way and coping through Menopause.

Those on hormonal treatment may experience spotting or bleeding, while those who are not on hormonal treatment may also experience spotting or bleeding. Best to check it out whatever the case.

Compromising your health is not a good reason to not ask for professional advice.

That is what we are here for at the Cannonvale Medical Centre. We offer bulk billing to be able to allay all your fears, to treat you if need be and to continue with management and maintenance care where necessary.

Irregular Periods in the lead up to Menopause

Leading up to Menopause is different for every women. What used to be like clockwork for some or completely random timing for others, either way there probably will be noticeable changes.

There is no precise time or place. Some women experience Menopause before they are 50 and some much later in life. It will happen when your body is ready and that is all we can tell you.

We are all individuals, therefore it is difficult to pinpoint anything because midlife marks such huge changes in our bodies.

It is important to be conscious and curious about changes in your normal Menstrual cycle in case there are other more sinister problems occurring which you might mistakenly take for a period that is slowing down in the lead in time to Menopause.

Examples of abnormal causes of changes we should consider are:

  • Polyps
  • Fibroids
  • Declining fertility
  • All the emotions that go hand in hand with Menopause and the feeling that you no longer have a choice
  • Feeling redundant in an area that was once so vital
  • Sadness and depression as a result

Making an appointment with us by booking online or calling us on 07 49480041 is the best advice we can give you – if only to talk to someone about changes in your body whether expected or not.