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How to Recognise and Manage Anxiety

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In Australia there are in excess of two million sufferers of anxiety

It has become a common concern across Australia, with anxiety affecting more and more people in our communities. Given its own power, anxiety can quickly contribute to self sabotage. It can reduce your self confidence, increase your risk of burnout and cause sleep depravity.

Anxiety affects everyone in different ways. Some people experience anger, sadness or loss of self control.

You should always consult a Doctor if you feel anxiety is taking control, to discuss ways to help you manage things.

How can I tell if I am experiencing Anxiety?

From a physiological point of view, during times of anxiousness, some tale tell signs will alert you.

1. Being totally aware of your body will bring your attention to your breathing. Is is rapid, suddenly shallow or gasping?

2. Next you would probably become far more aware of your heart rate than you noticed earlier. Has it become more rapid?

3. Possibly you will feel an adrenaline rush which is one of the first signs of defense brought about naturally by internal protective systems.

All these are examples of anxiety brewing and can occur when facing an exam or test. Or maybe a job interview triggers it. Perhaps a situation where you feel our life is threatened?

Imagined, perceived or real threats can all cause anxiety – there are so many situations in life that can produce an anxiety or panic attack. If these are not something you experience often then they can cause you to panic. Try to remain calm and breathe your way through it.

Take the time to learn what your triggers are so you can counteract them. Below are some ways to help you cope during times of anxiety.

Learn and try self-soothing techniques

Knowing that you are easily tested in an anxiety situation, learning how to calm yourself would be a good thing so that you handle each situation as they come along.

Deep and controlled breathing is one of the best ways.

Sometimes you might overhear someone saying, “Breathe, just breathe!” The simple mechanics of breathing become a lowering force in your body. Become aware of your breath, consciously slow it down and breathe deeper.

We encourage you to breathe from your diaphragm rather than from your chest. Go to a mirror and watch yourself breathing. You will be able to see the difference between the two techniques and this will help you to understand why knowing how to breathe properly could help you in self-calming.

While breathing deeply, talk to yourself in a positive way.

Practice these few sentences to give you a heads up on a possible anxiety attack.
“I can do this!” repeat several times quietly but masterfully.
“This feeling will pass” say gently but firmly to yourself.
“I am safe!” – Yes, you are, you are safe – tell yourself often enough until you will feel it. These simple things should assist you to calm right down.

Change your diet

What we eat is what we are.

Be careful about what you put into your mouth. Both food and drink. Too much sugar, too much caffeine, too much alcohol, too much of anything is simply too much!

Alcohol and caffeine are both known to trigger an anxiety attack. If you are a coffee or energy drink drinker or like one too many beers and wines – You will relate to this.

Have you noticed yourself or perhaps others have noticed in you, a sudden irritable change in your demeanour? Or you will feel suddenly more nervous, than normal?

The same goes for bringing yourself down from overindulgence in sugar or alcohol.

Wean yourself gradually from whatever it is that you have taken into your system, otherwise, withdrawal symptoms could occur and create additional problems.

Get more sleep

It is really important we emphasis the proper amount of hours you should get, actually sleeping. Sleep is crucial to your general well-being and health.

When you are young, you think that you are indestructible and so missing hours of sleep here, there and often, will tell on your body eventually. Lack of sleep contributes to the state of your mental health. You might feel as if you are okay through the week from going without sleep in the weekend, however, these types of things do catch up with you and once they do, things can deteriorate very quickly in your life.

Sleep like water is necessary for your body.

You can go without food, however, going without water is definitely a No-No. Just as going without sleep belongs in the same category.

We are ultimately seeking a healthy body

Being free from all pain and suffering both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually should be the goal.

Stress levels increase with each hour of sleep that is missed. Along with stress, other feelings come along such as fatigue, sadness and anger.

Leave the computer or other electronic devices out of reach at least for two hours before bed-time. Begin a regime of going to bed earlier. Read a book in bed, something that is relaxing and not something that is going to contribute to anger, sadness, grief or anxiety.

If stress and anxiety is a major problem in your life

Then please book in today to see a general practitioner at our bulk billing medical centre by either booking online or by calling 07 49480041 for an appointment

Their interest in you and the state of your mental health is a top priority. From that initial appointment, further advice and treatment can be obtained and referral to the services of other health professionals we have on hand or within the scope of our local community.