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Sometimes we eat or drink things that cause us to experience a heart burn type pain

Heart burn is something that happens to us when we experience acid reflux.

Simply put, this is when some of the contents of our stomachs are driven back up into our oesophagus. The Oesophagus is the muscular tube that connects our throat with our stomach.

This part of our body is designed to keep food and liquid from entering our windpipe. It is located in front of our spine and runs behind our heart and our windpipe.

Heart burn can cause quite a fierce burning pain in our lower chest

Heart burn hurts. Therefore avoiding food and drink that causes this discomfort which can sometimes last for hours and disturb your sleep, is the best option.
Being familiar with what foods upset you is a good course of action.

Occasional bursts of heartburn is not out of the norm

We all get some form of heart burn. However, when there are constant symptoms, it would be wise that you think about consulting your doctor at Cannonvale Medical Centre. Establishing the true cause will help your discomfort in the long term.

There could be other under laying issues needing further investigation

Whatever it is, if it is ongoing, it is best to get it checked out by making an appointment to see your GP and try and get things resolved quickly.

There could be an underlying health issue that you are not aware that you are suffering which can only be pinpointed by your General Practitioner at Cannonvale Medical Centre.

Pregnancy and Heartburn

During pregnancy, your hormone levels increase and along with the pressure from your growing baby, these same symptoms of heartburn could also occur. Thankfully, once you have delivered your baby, then usually all symptoms will disappear.

Where possible – Avoid smoking

Smoking is not good for those who suffer acid reflux and heartburn because membranes are damaged, muscle reflexes become impaired.

Smoking also contributes to a reduction in muscle function, along with a severe decrease in the production of saliva which is needed to reduce the acid effects.

A change in lifestyle

As hard as it seems, a change in lifestyle is usually what is needed to improve all aspects of our general health and well being, however, your first port of call should be to have a discussion with one of our caring General Practitioners. They can diagnose, develop a treatment plan and together you can work towards better health.

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Whenever there is discomfort or pain it is always best to consult your GP at You can make an appointment by booking online or by calling our friendly reception team 07 4948 0041