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Pain in the joints?

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Do you have Arthritis?

Pain in the joints can be a pain in the butt!

Different types of arthritis exist, each with different causes including wear and tear, infections and underlying diseases.
Arthritis is a medical condition that damages the body’s joints, causing discomfort and pain. It can range from mild to severe and can affect people of all ages.

Although there is usually no cure for arthritis, there are ways to manage the condition.

Symptoms include pain, swelling, reduced range of motion and stiffness.

Medication, physiotherapy or sometimes surgery helps reduce symptoms and improve quality of life and it is best to consult with your Doctor as to the best management plan.

Warning signs

Joint stiffness is often followed by joint tenderness or pain during movement or while at rest. This also affects both sides of the body equally. In early onset, the most common sites for pain are the fingers and wrists. You may also experience pain in your knees, feet, ankles, or shoulders.

What arthritis feels like?

In general, the first sign of arthritis is pain. This can feel like a dull ache or a burning sensation. Often, pain starts after you’ve used the joint a lot, for example, if you’ve been gardening or if you just walked up a flight of stairs. Some people feel soreness first thing in the morning.

Pain from arthritis can be ongoing or can come and go. … Pain and stiffness may be more severe during certain times of the day or after you’ve done certain tasks. Some types of arthritis cause swelling or inflammation. The skin over the joint may appear swollen and red and feel hot to the touch.

If you think that you are experiencing symptoms of Arthritis please come and talk with our Doctors at Cannonvale Medical Centre. They will be able to organise further investigations and assist you in the management.

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